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Our Comprehensive Clinical Care consists of 1-1 in-depth doctor consultation, expert dietitian sessions, and most importantly, a structured roadmap for your diabetes care.

Through holistic lifestyle changes and scientifically backed programmes curated specifically to your needs, we help define your progress and help you on your journey from sickness to self-sustainable good health.

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Your Journey to a Diabetes free life

At Numen, we offer diabetes reversal programs that are designed for both long-term diabetic patients and those newly diagnosed with the disease. We help you toward your goal for a diabetes free life by treating the root cause and not just the symptoms, setting you on the path to renewed health.

1 on 1 consultations

Consultation session to identify risk factors

Lifestyle Insights by Dietician

Sustainable lifestyle changes and health tips to understand the root causes of diabetes.

Personalised Treatment Plan

 Diet and Lifestyle plan to help reduce HbA1C

Accelerated Recovery

Control blood sugar levels naturally

Diabetes Free Life Unlocked

Helping you get back on the path of good health

Money Back Guarantee

No questions asked ! If you feel the programme is not helping you. You can take back your Money.

Your Road Map to Manage Diabetes !

Day 1
Welcome Session

One-on-one profiling call with your Health Manager  to Assess your health status & Set goals

Day 2- Day 7
Based on Detailed Assessment, Get Personalized Plans

We look at your Lifestyle routine, Likes and Dislikes and your medical history to Analyze your areas of improvement 

Day 15
Track Progress At The 15-Day Mark

Changes in blood sugars, weight, activity etc measured and new plans shared accordingly

Weekly Check points and Reviews

Plans revised based on progress for the last month of the program with the aim to achieve your final goals

Goals Reached
Day 90
Achieve Your Goals & Reclaim your Life!

Chart the end of the program results and prepare to take charge of your diabetes on your own now

They did it , You can too !

I have learnt a lot on how important it is to take care of my health, since joining the Numen platform. The simple changes in my lifestyle and diet  given to me by my Numen team has helped me bring down my sugar levels and manage my diabetes better

Kumar K.C


With Numen, I’ve been able to reverse my diabetes and was even able to loose 9kgs in 3 months. Through my journey with Numen, I was able to reduce my dependance on medications through changes in my lifestyle like yoga, controlled eating and quitting smoking.



Before I joined Numen, I had no hope of controlling my diabetes or reducing my insulin intake. By controlling my diet, my sugar levels came down drastically. After a routine check up in December, I was told to stop insulin. I never thought this would be possible and now I have a more positive outlook on life! 

Gomathy Subramaniam


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