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Hypertension is not a lifelong disease but a lifestyle one that can be reversed with the right changes in lifestyle.


One in four adults have high blood pressure in India.

High blood pressure threatens your health and quality of life

Raised blood pressure is among the most important risk factors for CVDs.

Our Programme offers

Expert 1-1 Consultation

virtual sessions with world class healthcare professionals


Sustainable diet choices customised for your body’s requirements

Personalised Approach

Customised care plans curated for your needs

Money back guarantee

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Smart Wearable Devices

Get top medical products, curated from the most recognized brands in healthcare

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We Deliver Measurable Results

Numen’s integrated approach combines the expertise of healthcare specialists, as we work closely with you to treat not just the symptoms but also address the root cause of hypertension.

No matter the underlying cause of an individual’s high blood pressure, the Numen team works to implement a treatment plan that can yield both short-term and long-term results.


86% have shown decrease in dependency of Medicines in 3 Months

90% have shown Improvement /Stable Blood Pressure

100% have shown improvement in their Quality of Life

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135/94 mm Hg —--> 111/80 mm Hg

I would have never thought my recovery would be so smooth sailing and easy.


Neelaksh Dhir

160/102 mm Hg —--> 110/64 mm Hg

Numen has shown me how important it is to make small but impactful lifestyle changes for my health.

Akhileshwar Jha

151/86 mm Hg —--> 132/84 mm Hg

Numen is the best place to join since they have eased the burden on my family by providing excellent advice to improve the quality and longevity of my life.

Becky George

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199 Consultation with Preventive Cardiologist
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5900 3 Months
  • 2 x Blood Tests (Identify Root Cause & Outcomes)
  • Blood Pressure Monitor/ MI Fitness Band
  • 3 x Assessments & Root Cause Identification
  • Personalised Nutrition Prescription
  • Personalised Lifestyle Prescription
  • Unlimited Yoga Sessions
  • Mental Wellness Sessions
  • 10 x 1-1 Review Sessions with Experts
  • Access to Numen App & Online Courses- Lifetime
  • Money Back Guarantee

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