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Numen employs a unique 5 Doctor approach, to create holistic treatment, which combines the power of medicine & science backed interventions for treating root cause, regulating your blood pressure automatically!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    While the cause of high blood pressure in most people remains unclear, inactivity, poor diet, obesity, older age, and genetics — can all contribute to the development of hypertension.

    Several potentially serious health conditions are linked to high blood pressure, including: Atherosclerosis, Heart Disease, Kidney Disease, Stroke, Eye Disease

    Since hypertension is a disease with a gradual onset and progress, it is one of the diseases that does not show very clear, outright symptoms. Due to this, most people tend to ignore and never get tested and treated for years together. It’s damage happens throughout the body and many patients show up to the hospital with serious complications for the first time.

    There’s a very good chance that with lifestyle treatment (the right diet, losing weight, regular exercise) you can get hypertension under control and significantly lower your Medication.


    Lifestyle treatment, such as the Numen Program, can reduce blood pressure more than drugs and dramatically lower the risk of diabetes, heart attacks, cancer, and stroke.

    Get 1st Consultation with Preventive Cardiologist at INR 199

    Get Consultation with Preventive Cardiologist at ₹199

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